Build, create, and design at PalyHacks

PalyHacks is an international 24-hour hackathon for high school students hosted at Palo Alto Senior High School in Palo Alto, CA; run by students, made for students. In PalyHacks, we invite anyone with an interest in technology to come and build a project! Regardless of your skill level, you and your friends are invited to code, build, learn and have fun!

The finalists from PalyHacks Bay Area will proceed to another hackathon in mid-June, where the top teams will compete with a set of teams from China.

PalyHacks will be taking place in Palo Alto High School located in 50 Embarcadero Rd, Palo Alto, CA in the Media Arts Center.

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Any high school students can participate! If you're over 18, feel free to apply as a mentor. If you have any other circumstances, feel free to email us at




To be eligible for prizes, you must demo and submit your project to Devpost. Also, please specify whether anyone on your team is a beginner. 

How to enter

All applications are closed. 


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Angus Yeung
Director and Principal Engineer at Intel

Eagle Yi

Eagle Yi
Director of WeChat Marketing

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Ryan Kwak
Chief Executive Officer and President at Uriverse, Inc.

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Mike Dang
Principal Engineer at Guidewire Software

Judging Criteria

  • Technical Difficulty
    Is the hack technically interesting or difficult? Is it just some lipstick on an API, or were there real technical challenges to surmount? This is the most important criterion that your hack will be judged upon for the general prizes.
  • Practicality
    Is the hack practical? Is it something people would actually use? Does it fulfill a real need people have?
  • Creativity
    Is the hack more than just another generic social/mobile/local app? Does it do something entirely novel, or at least take a fresh approach to an old problem?